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Lotus completes Grey Lady

It was a lot of fun completing the mix for Grey Lady!

From left to right; Armyan Bernstein, Jamie Neese, Michael Perricone, Director John Shea, Scott Francisco, Tirsa Hackshaw



Lotus remains consistenly the #1 destination for post sound in the world (Imdb)

Nearly 300 films and going strong.

We'd like to offer you a special winter present:

It's that time of the year.......The festivals:

We will provide you with a complimentary mix for your festival presentation for any film contracted for a complete sound finishing package between now and January 1st, 2015

Please call David Marcus at Lotus, 310 452 - 4800 to discuss your project.

We support your creative vision and look forward to having you experience the "Lotus Focus"!



The Lotus Focus

As the founders of Lotus, Michael Perricone and David Marcus have built the company's reputation as the #1 rated independent post sound facility in Los Angeles (Imdb) upon the cornerstone of their collective 70 years of relationships in the post production sound business.

Relationships set the foundation for our personalized style of doing business. Every project Lotus contracts is carefully reviewed with the intention to create and foster a healthy spirit of creative interaction.

For clients considering working with us, we want you to know that the creative team working with you has the full support of the owners.  We always provide mindful oversight to our team on any project that passes through our doors.

It all comes down to relationships - not just our repeat business but the fostering of new relationships based upon assuring all of our clients that we will be there for them from spotting through delivery and beyond.

Our affiliations with the entire community of mixers, editors, and supervisors comes from having forged longstanding relationships with them and thusly we are able to offer custom created crews at real world pricing.

For example, the Lotus internship program stresses the importance of relationships and looking at the longterm, big picture.  As we provide training for our interns on a technical level we also instill the importance of valuing the creation of sustainable relationships.  Indeed, one of our mantras is to "grow our ranks from within".

Creative excellence thrives in an environment where innovative thinking is allowed to flourish. It's an advantage Lotus has over others as the Lotus executive management comes from the creative side of the business.

First and foremost to any project is allowing the creative discourse to run freely between the director, producers, and the Lotus team. This is where the spirit of innovative thinking can give rise to new possibilities.

We invite you to experience the "Lotus Focus"!