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Andrew Rice

Technical Services Manager         


Michele Blankenship

Accounts Manager


Lauren Woodward

Scheduling and Facilites Coordinator



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DJ legend Paul Oakenfold visits Lotus! 

Paul Oakenfold visits Lotus Post for 'SUNDOWN', a feature film slated to release in spring 2016



Pictured: Paul Oakenfold & Lauren Woodward


Argosy Consoles at Lotus

Lotus Post CEO Michael Perricone sat down to discuss Lotus's approach to sound for film, and how the Argosy console has transformed our working environment.



New Services at Lotus!

We have rolled out several new services at Lotus!

First, we have a specialized process to create 5.1 reformatted deliverables of MONO source audio.

Sounds like magic?  It is. And Lotus has it.

Add new value to your legacy content!


We now offer worldwide remote realtime playbac and /mixing. 

Production out of town but producers here?

No problem. 

Come out to the beach here in Santa Monica and mix or do a playback check at Lotus in realtime.

Love the sound of our dub stages but your client out of town? 

No problem. 

Mix it here and have them there.....realtime.

Call us to discuss your specific requirements.

We've got you covered!